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Jeffrey joins Finance after successful Project Choice work experience

18 Nov 2019

At West London NHS Trust, we are proud of the Project Choice work experience scheme, in partnership with Belvue College, which gives students with additional needs an opportunity to gain employability skills in the NHS.

The first set of students graduated last summer and one of them, Jeffrey, who worked in the Finance department during his work experience, is now with the team on a permanent basis.

Jim Phillips, Head of Finance, worked with Jeffery over a number of months and was impressed with his work ethic and skills so when Jim discovered Jeffrey (who has since gone to study at Ealing Green College) had every Friday off, he was keen to utilise his free time.

Jim approached Lindsay McCafferty, Project Choice Co-ordinator, to seek guidance on possible work options and both agreed that Jeffrey working as a Bank member of staff was best fit for the 17 year old.

Jeffrey has now commenced in his new role with the Finance team and will be providing administration support every Friday to support the team on various projects.

Jim Phillips said: “Jeffrey is hard working, keen to learn and always comes to work with a smile on his face. The Finance team really enjoyed working with Jeffrey earlier this year and are happy to welcome him back. Jeffrey will be working on a project which aims to improve the payments system to suppliers, and will utilise the skills he has developed while working with us.”

Jeffrey says: “Last year, I absolutely loved working in Finance. Jim and the rest of the team gave me lots of confidence in my ability to work in an office environment, and I am really happy they have given me a chance to stay on and earn. I want to thank Project Choice for giving me this opportunity.”

Right now, a dozen more students from Belvue College have started work experience at the Trust, following on the footsteps of Jeffrey.

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