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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week

12 May 2014

West London Mental Health NHS Trust will be marking Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week (12-17 May) by increasing awareness about its diversity support groups for staff and patients.

The trust has a number of equality and diversity networks for patients and staff including age and disability, gender and sexuality, race and religion as well as a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) network.

All of the trust’s networks are made up of dedicated staff and patients alike who are committed to provide the best environments for others.  A key part of the week therefore will be to look at raising awareness of their activities and achievements and to increase membership.

These networks exist to discuss diversity issues for patients and staff; contribute to service and policy developments by ensuring the trust meets the needs of patients and staff as well as provide opportunities to meet people from other backgrounds.

Coordinated by NHS employers, Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week shines a light on the ongoing work across the NHS to ensure that it continues to meet the diverse needs of its staff, patients’ and local populations.

The trust’s chief executive, Steve Shrubb, explained: “We serve very multi-cultural and diverse communities in west London so it is important, as an NHS provider of mental health care and as a major local employer, that we champion diversity, equality and human rights.

“We are continually working hard to ensure we meet the diverse needs of the local communities we serve and making the trust remains an attractive organisation where people from all backgrounds will want to work.  This week provides a fantastic opportunity for our various staff networks to promote the work they do, and to help embed equality and diversity in our frontline services and within the workplace across the trust.”

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