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DH approves Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment

11 Jul 2012

Broadmoor Hospital’s Outline Business Case received Department of Health approval today, signalling the go ahead for West London Mental Health NHS Trust to continue with its £298 million project to bring the 150 year old hospital into the 21st Century.

The Trust will now begin developing its Full Business Case for submission to its strategic health authority NHS London in October 2012.

Scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2017, the new building will be constructed within the Hospital’s existing grounds. The 16 ward, 234 bed Hospital will provide accommodation for 210 male patients and 24 flexible beds to be used as necessary.

Funded by the Trust’s own budget, surplus land sales and government funding, the new building will not only support the Trust’s new model of care, but also put the Hospital in line with best practice models in the world.    

On receiving the news, Steve Shrubb, Chief Executive said: “We’re delighted with the Department of Health’s decision and the opportunity the redevelopment presents to vastly improve high secure mental health services.

Modernisation will make a tremendous difference to the Hospital’s patients, services and quality of care, whilst alleviating the difficult working conditions our staff have  been dealing with and have worked extremely hard to overcome.”  

Nigel McCorkell, Chairman, said: “The redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital is long overdue. The buildings have seen very little change over the years whereas psychiatric treatments have radically progressed.

“If Hospital staff are to continue caring for men with severe mental illnesses and reduce the risk they pose to themselves and the public, the Trust must provide treatment in a modern, safe and secure environment which supports the outstanding clinical and therapeutic care our staff are able to offer patients today.”

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