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Carers Rights Day

28 Nov 2014

Today is Carers Rights Day, a national event to raise awareness about the incredible contribution made by friends and family who support people when they are unwell.

Being a carer comes with huge responsibilities – people often give up their jobs and many enjoyable aspects of their lives to look after a friend, relative or neighbour. It is the ultimate act of human kindness.

We simply couldn’t do our job at WLMHT without the dedication, expertise and support that carers bring.

Carers deserve the same chances at life as everyone else: good health, work opportunities and the freedom to pursue their own interests. But carers are often so rushed off their feet these things can seem impossible to achieve. Carers’ mental health especially can be overlooked because they are so dedicated to putting others first.

Carer’s assessment

If you are a carer, getting a carer’s assessment is a really important as it can identify help you need with caring, plus help to maintain your own health and balance caring with your life, work and family commitments. If there’s more than one person providing regular care in your household, you are both entitled to an assessment.

The care coordinator of the person you care for should inform you of your right to request an assessment.

What you should expect from us as a carer:

  • You should be recognised and listened to as a partner in providing care.
  • You should be valued as someone dedicated to helping the person you care for and who knows them well.
  • You should be treated with courtesy and respected for your skills (e.g. overseeing their medication).
  • You should be able to work with staff who understand the effects of mental illness on yourself and your family.
  • You should be able to request an appointment with the consultant psychiatrist or another mental health professional.

WLMHT Carers Toolkit