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CAMHS/ESCAN receive visit from Lumos charity and Kenyan government

15 Oct 2019

On Tuesday 24 September, Catherine Sholl, Consultant and Team Manager for CAMHS/ESCAN, colleagues from the service (Dan Brennan, Sally Morgan and Michael Bonello) and a parent of two children with autism (Pat Nekati) were visited by the Lumos charity and the Kenyan government.

Lumos was set up by JK Rowling with the aim of ending worldwide institutionalisation of children and promoting children living with families. They were visited by Camille Evans (Service Design Manager, Lumos), James Okemwa Ntabo (Senior Deputy Secretary, National Council for Children’s Services, Kenya) and Grace Mwangi (Changing The Way We Care programme Consultant).

The visitors approached CAMHS/ESCAN to visit as part of a UK tour of services by Lumos and the Kenyan government, aiming to learn about alternative models to institutionalisation. In particular, they were keen to learn about the joint work by CAMHS-LD and social care in ESCAN developing the Intensive Therapeutic and Short Breaks Service which strives to prevent unnecessary residential care for children with disabilities.

On the visit, Catherine Sholl says: “We were really pleased that Lumos and the Kenyan Government were keen to hear about our work in preventing the institutionalisation of children with disabilities through Ealing ITSBS. We believe that all children and young people, regardless of disability, have a right to live in a safe and loving family home/community, and that services and wider society should be giving families the support they need to achieve this for their children.”

(ESCAN: Ealing Service for Children with Additional Needs)

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