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Being your true self at West London: Catherine’s story

14 July 2020

At West London NHS Trust, we provide platforms where staff are empowered to express themselves and be who they are.

Catherine didn’t feel that empowerment until joining the Trust three years ago as a Bank Administrator. Today, Catherine is out and proud as non-binary.

Non-binary is defined as someone who does not exclusively identify as male or female.

“Ever since the first day I joined the Trust, I found a passion for equality and diversity,” said Catherine. “Soon after, I joined its LGBT+ subgroup network, beginning as an ally. In the last year, I have been questioning my gender identity and sexual orientation and through the support of the subgroup and friends in the LGBT+ community, I came out as non-binary in October.”

“Finding the language to describe my gender has really helped me to be more confident with my identity and when I decided to come out, it was met with love, support and positivity,” Catherine adds.

This self-discovery has enabled Catherine to be more vocal and help support those in a similar situation. “The Trust offers that crucial support network which empowers staff to be their true selves, and I love being with people who have similar views to my own.”

“My passion for equality and diversity has grown since working for West London, along with the desire to be part of an organisation which strives to be inclusive.”

Catherine’s message for the LGBT+ community seeking a career in the NHS: “If you have a passion to help people and be part of the process to help them become well again, I would say definitely apply for a job at West London NHS Trust. Diversity in all forms shouldn’t be a barrier to achieve something you are passionate about.”

14 July marks International Non-Binary People’s Day.

Pictured above: Catherine has asked for this picture to represent their story and identity.