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Frequently asked questions

Is my job safe?

What are the leave arrangements for booking annual leave from 1 July 2019? 

What are the arrangements for carry over of annual leave? 

How will community services be organised?

What are the management of change principles for transferring staff?

The desktops at Carmelita House are owned by the Council and we use the Council's one drive system.  How will this work going forward? 

Will there be job opportunities for administrative staff?

When will Tissue Viability be moving to 24/7.  At present there are insufficient staff to provide a 24/7 service?

When will the referral hub (also known as single point of access) be in place and where will it be?

Why will the pay date change for staff transferring to West London NHS Trust?

Rosters are managed manually at present, how will they be managed after the transfer?

We currently use petty cash and attend LNW finance at Ealing Hospital to submit invoices and collect petty cash.  Will this continue? 

What date does the contract start, and has this changed?

How are services going to change?

Who will I be working for?

How can partners working together deliver care that is“more joined up”?

What services are affected?

Will the Children's Safeguarding Team be moving from Ealing Hospital?

Can staff see the staffing model, recognising it will be subject to amendment?

Will I have to reimburse the certificate of sponsorship costs when I transfer?

How do I transfer my level 2 visa to the new employer?

What is TUPE?

Will my service change location?

Will the team structures change?

Will the name of my service change?

What will happen to my part time working / flexible working arrangements? 



I currently receive child care vouchers.  Can I still receive them after the TUPE transfer?

How do I apply for Bank jobs as a substantive employee? 

How do I apply for Bank jobs as a Bank only worker? 

How do I apply for CNWL Bank jobs?  

Will staff be using SystmOne?

Where will MSK administrative staff transfer to? 

How will I access learning and CPD?

How can I get in touch?

Will we have the right IT to be able to do our jobs effectively?

What will happen to my pension?


Clinical model

Get in touch

We will be working with existing employers to arrange to contact staff affected directly.

We will also be arranging a series of informal meetings for staff over the next few months and we look forward to meeting you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us,
please use our contact form or email us at

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