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Information for Carers

At Broadmoor Hospital, we recognise and value carers as key partners in supporting patients on the road to recovery.   

A carer may be a relative, a friend or someone else who cares for a patient.

 Useful details, including about travel to the hospital, is given in Information for Carers
Information for carers

A copy of this information is available on request at the hospital for patients’ main carers.

The hospital is signed up to the Triangle of Care, a national programme developed by staff and carers to ensure collaboration between the service user, professional and carer. We also encourage carer involvement in many different aspects of services which we provide.

Social workers

Carers’ Forum

Minibus service

Travel and accommodation

Your rights under the Care Act 2014

For further information about carers at Broadmoor Hospital, please contact the Social Work department on

01344 754475.