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Decommissioning Broadmoor Hospital sirens

Before patients are moved to the new hospital later this year, we’re asking residents in the relevant boroughs (Please link word boroughs to doc attached) to sign up for the Thames Valley alerts system which is simple to use, easy to register and more responsive to local needs.

The sirens have been part of the Broadmoor Hospital security system for over 65 years and, due to advances in technology and failure of outdated equipment, they are no longer part of our robust security system. However, we understand that this decommissioning exercise is likely to cause some concern, so have answered some frequently asked questions below. Should you require any further information, please contact us.

FAQS about the Decommissioning of the sirens

Why can’t the sirens be retained?

If the sirens are unnecessary, why have they not been decommissioned before?

Why were the sirens allowed to get into such a state of disrepair?

How have local residents been consulted?

When will the existing sirens be turned off?

How will new systems be tested to ensure they are working at all times?

What will the trust do with the money it saves? 

When will the alternative system start? 

How do I sign up?

Who will have access to my details?

Will I need to renew my registration?

What will happen to the old sirens?