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Carers at Broadmoor Hospital

Who is a carer in the context of a secure hospital?

Carers  in the context of a secure hospital are the family members or the individuals who have sustained and regular social contact with a patient. Those people will need to be identified as part of the care planning process.
We recognise the important part that carers play in patients’ lives and very much value your contribution. We’ll work with you and support you as much as possible in your caring role.
Identified carers are sent a Carers’ Pack when a patient is admitted, which contains lots of practical information, especially if this is the first time you’ve come into contact with mental health services .

Social workers

Social workers are the main link between the hospital and carers. We’ll let you know the name of the patient’s social worker, who can be contacted on 01344 75 4523.

Carers’ Forum

The Carers’ Forum meets throughout the year to give you the opportunity to meet with staff and other carers and ask questions about patient or carer issues. You can also find out more about getting involved in our work to improve services at Broadmoor Hospital.
For dates and more information, call 01344 75 4475. Upcoming dates are:

  • Saturday 23 March 2019
  • Saturday 8 June 2019
  • Saturday 21 September 2019
  • Sunday 14 December 2019

Shuttle bus service

To help make your visits to the hospital a little easier, we run a monthly shuttle service between the hospital and Crowthorne, Bracknell and Wokingham train Stations.
Upcoming dates are:

  • Saturday 26 January 2019
  • Saturday 16 February 2019
  • Saturday 23 March 2019
  • Saturday 13 April 2019
  • Saturday 11 May 2019
  • Saturday 8 June 2019
  • Saturday 20 July 2019
  • Saturday 17 August 2019
  • Saturday 21 September 2019
  • Saturday 19 October 2019
  • Saturday 16  November 2019
  • Saturday 14 December 2019

To check dates or to make a booking, call 01344 75 4475. Please leave the following details when you call:

  • Name and contact number on the day.
  • Number of seats.
  • Name of the patient you’re visiting.
  • Train station and arrival time.
  • Special requirements, such as wheelchair access.

If you’re travelling with a child that’s too small to use a booster seat, you’ll need to bring your own car seat.

Carers support group

The carers support group is for carers, family and friends and is a group where you can receive peer support from other carers and discuss any issues. Upcoming dates are to be confirmed.

For more information or to confirm your attendance, you can contact your relatives’ social worker or the social work admin team on 01344 754 475.


Upcoming events

To be arranged

Your suggestions

If you have any ideas about how we can improve the service we offer to carers, please contact the Head of Social Work on 01344 754 475.