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Broadmoor Hospital

Broadmoor Hospital
RG45 7EG
01344 77 3111 (main reception)

Service summary

Broadmoor Hospital is a specialist service that provides assessment, treatment and care in conditions of high security for men from London and the south of England.
It’s one of three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, and is internationally recognised, both for work with patients and for our extensive research activities.
We treat people with mental illness and personality disorders who represent a high degree of risk to themselves or to others.
We look after around 240 patients and the average stay is five to six years, although many patients’ stay is considerably shorter. Patients are transferred to conditions of lower security once the risks that they have posed are diminished.
The hospital provides a full range of therapeutic treatments, tailored to each patient’s individual needs, including assessment, specialist care and rehabilitation. We use a combination of medication and psychological therapies.

Keeping people safe

Patients at Broadmoor Hospital require a highly structured and well staffed therapeutic living environment. Reducing risk is a high priority and we aim to provide a safe background to their treatment by making sure our staff build effective relationships and have a good understanding of each patient and the environment.

Broadmoor woodwork guitar makingActivities and involvement

Social interaction is very important to make sure patients remain engaged in their treatment and to prevent them from becoming withdrawn. Our services include many activities that are designed to support each patient’s recovery path – these may be educational, vocational, arts, sports or social activities.
We’re also actively involved in schemes that are intended to increase patients’ interaction with staff and each other, such as the First Step Trust and the annual Koestler Art Awards.


We have strong academic links with Imperial College London and the Institute of Psychiatry to make sure that innovations in treatment go from ‘bench to bedside’. We also draw on international expertse and run or take part in regular learning events, such as our annual Recovery Conference. Please view our research page for more information about what research our Trust is involved with.

A hospital, not a prison

Because of the outside appearance of the buildings, especially its high walls, and the inaccurate news reporting it has often received, many people believe that Broadmoor Hospital is a prison – it’s not. Although most patients are referred by the criminal justice system, they are still patients in hospital and their daily routines and treatment programmes are designed to assist their therapeutic recovery.

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