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On this page you’ll find a selection of architectural plans, artist’s impressions and other documents related to the Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment.

BHR - Building locations

The new layout will help us further implement our new model of care which motivates and engages patients through intensive treatment and care pathways, all centred around therapeutic activities. Working in this way will help us provide more efficient services and effective treatment programmes.


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BHR - Central Building first floor

As well as the new living space, a new therapy building is planned. Known as the ‘Central Building’ this area has been designed to encourage patients to get more involved with their treatment and become more active Hospital citizens.


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BHR - External view


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BHR - Staff areas

The Central Building's top floor will provide open plan office space for some of the Hospital's administrative staff, as well as meeting rooms and a staff restaurant.


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BHR - Wards

The new hospital will have 16 wards (10 new and the 6 existing Paddock Centre wards), with a total of 234 beds, providing accommodation for 210 male patients, as well as 24 flexible decant beds.


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BHR general leaflet


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