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WLMHT is committed to supporting a culture of openness, honesty and transparency, which includes apologising when things go wrong and explaining what happened.

The Being Open Framework was written and launched by the National Patient Safety Agency in 2009. It provided the NHS with guidance and standards relating to communication following patient safety incidents. A patient safety incident is any unintended or unexpected incident which could have or did lead to harm for one or more patients receiving NHS care.
‘Being Open’ requires all services within the trust to keep communication open and honest, and to provide information to patients as soon as possible following an incident.
It also ensures that a thorough investigation is carried out, reassuring patients and their relatives that lessons will be learnt within the trust, which will prevent further incidents. It will also reassure patients that they will continue to be treated according to their clinical needs.

Being Open reports

You can read our monthly ‘Being Open’ reports below. These reports provide an overview of any serious incidents, coroner’s inquests, information governance incidents, complaints, Patient Opinion feedback and claims received
If you are a patient or representative of a patient* and have concerns that the details of a patient safety incident affecting you, or the person you are representing, have not been shared with you please contact our Customer Care Team.
*No information can be shared with a patient’s representative unless we have the consent of the patient to do so, or they are the next of kin of a patient who has died.

Being Open report - December 2016


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Being Open report - November 2016


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Being Open report - September 2016


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Being Open Report - August 2016


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Being Open report - July 2016


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Being Open report - June 2016


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