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Therapeutic approach

Although many of Broadmoor’s patients are referred from prison or the courts, it is not a prison, but a hospital, part of the NHS.

The men who come here are severely disturbed. Some have experienced significant abuse and neglect. They can be dangerous, to themselves as well as to others, but they do respond to medical treatment and therapy, on average leaving the hospital in about 5 years.
The hospital’s model of care aims to motivate and engage patients whilst providing them with intensive treatment centred on therapeutic activities. Evidence shows that treating patients in this way can lead to faster recovery periods, so the hospital can help more patients.
A detailed care plan, with contributions from across the multi-disciplinary team, ensures that the programme of treatment is carefully tailored to each particular patient’s needs. This is not quick work and sometimes, as we see in the film, patients suffer a relapse.
We don’t only help the patients; taking them out of the prison system makes prisons more manageable and treating these highly disturbed people ultimately makes society safer. Our work with patients and our extensive research have won international recognition.
Reoffending rates compared to those released from prison are significantly lower and, once discharged, only 1 in 17 patients ever needs to be readmitted.