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Research at Broadmoor

Research and development has transformed the way we care for patients with severe mental disorders in the last 25 years and Broadmoor Hospital plays an active role in all areas of research.

Our understanding of the biochemistry of the brain, genetic influences on development and behaviour and the role of drug therapies and the use of recovery principles is helping to improve how we treat patients on the wards here and elsewhere.
The research conducted at the hospital has led to ground-breaking findings that have been published in the scientific literature and widely cited.  This includes the development and validation of innovative experimental tools for assessing complex and high risk individuals, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of novel pharmacological and psychological treatment trials (e.g. the revised Reasoning & Rehabilitation Programme for Mentally Disordered Offenders) in reducing violent attitudes and behaviour.

Ongoing studies

Current research at the hospital includes a study funded by the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre to evaluate clinical predictors of treatment outcomes. The study will establish ways of improving clinical outcomes for violent mentally disordered offenders by investigating which patients are likely to respond positively to their offered treatment, and which patients are not (and therefore may need a modified or new treatment plan).
Secondly, we are examining objective changes following treatment in patients who have a good short-to-medium term clinical outcome, with a view to finding more definitive and reliable ways to aid the clinical decision on whether or not a patient is ready for transfer to lower secure conditions.
Finding ways to improve clinical outcome for mentally disordered offenders is very important as their care is costly, and reoffending places a significant burden on society, for victims as well as police, NHS time and resources

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