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Broadmoor on ITV

Broadmoor – the real inside story

Since its foundation 150 years ago, Broadmoor Hospital has fascinated the public and the media, but there are many misconceptions about what it does and the patients it works with. Now for the first time it has opened its doors to a TV camera crew, giving unprecedented insight into its patients and the work that is carried out to treat and rehabilitate them.

The two-part documentary shows the reality of life in the hospital, and the results it achieves with some of the most disturbed patients in the county.
It follows patients as staff work to help them understand their illness and any offences they have committed and to progress towards recovery and eventual discharge.
The aim is to allow viewers to see behind the walls of Broadmoor for themselves, and by doing so to demystify our work, reduce the stigma experienced by people treated at the hospital and show how recovery and hope are at the heart of what we do.

“The easiest reaction in the world is to see somebody that has committed something atrocious, label them as evil, and want to lock the door and throw away the key.”

Dr Amlan Basu, clinical director

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