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Working with suppliers

We conduct all contracting and tendering procedures in a fully open manner that adheres to all local, national and European regulations.

All opportunities are widely advertised and include, when appropriate, publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities.
In general, potential providers of goods and services to the trust will need to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire before we issue the tender documents.


Where opportunities involve construction work, registration with ConstructionLine will be required.
ConstructionLine is a government initiative and the UK’s largest up-to-date register of pre-qualified contractors and consultants.
It helps suppliers to save time, money and resource in the pre-qualification process by reducing duplication each time they tender for work and gives us confidence in the suppliers we use.
If  you’re a supplier and would like to work with us on building, engineering or construction related projects, please make sure you register with ConstructionLine here or by ringing 0844 892 0313 for information and help with registering.
If you are already registered, please make sure that your registration does not lapse and that your details are current.

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